Behind Gates, Another Trail-blazing Cameroonian Movie, Hits The Screens

Official poster of Behind Gates released June 30 by Silicon Production

By Hope Nda, Faith Kiki & Kengne Elisabeth

Behind Gates is the latest Cameroonian movie that is set to keep viewers glued to their television screens after it hit the entertainment market July 23, when it was first premiered.

Produced by Temenu Asahchop and directed by Cosson Chinepoh, the action-filled movie mirrors the ordeals women/girls encounter while serving a house keepers in homes. During its premier on Saturday, July 23, at Canal Olympia in Douala, Behind Gates’ Director, Chinepoh, said the movie depicts reality and was acted in a natural setting.

“Behind gates is about what happens to maids, or to servants. If they are lucky they go to a family that is welcoming to them – that treats them well. If they are unlucky, they meet a family that will not treat them well, treat them like slaves.”

Behind Gates pictures a young girl, Bih, whose life is nearly frustrated by the death of her parents, prior to her wedding. Her parents’ tragic death is caused by a violent encounter between her fiancé (Njih) and a rival.

This forces Bih to flee the village to the city where she manages to find hope in a rich woman, after a couple of misfortunes. But the hope is temporal, as Bih’s benefactor dies, leaving her in the hands of cruel men who all want pieces of her body, including the master of the house.

In a fierce attempt to rescue Bih from the “ravenous wolves”, her fiancé Njih is attacked and stabbed, leaving Bih at the mercy of suicide.

Part of the movie, which pictures a village scene dramatised by inter-tribal clashes and other conflicts, was acted in Mmock Fossimondi, Lebialem Division. Chinopoh says putting the film together was “never smooth sailing”, as they braved bad weather and insecurity to realise the project.

The movie is loaded with drama, featuring a cast of young, talented Cameroonian actors including comedians Godisz Fungwa and Lovert Lambe; Zita Minaj, Malvis Ann, Afah Jang, Libota McDonald, Eysren Young, among others.

Behind Gates also features Nollywood star, Ramsey Noah. After featuring in Cameroon’s most popular movie The Fisherman’s Diary in 2020, Ramsey says his goal has been to support the Cameroonian entertainment industry.

“For us to support each other we have to be there for each other…,” he said during Behind Gates’ premier. “The reason why I come here often in Cameroon to do what I do is to let you know that I support the industry and if I come from outside and all of you guys are not together to be part of it, then it doesn’t make any sense.”

Lead actor, Zita Minaj, who plays the role of Bih in the movie, says she blended well into the emotional part she played, despite the difficulty in doing so.

“It was really difficult; I didn’t see myself doing it. But again I said every work of arts is all about getting into it; see what it’s all about before you can relent your effort… It was really tough like I went through a lot in this movie but I had to embrace the character and I went for it.”

She advised people not to take advantage of others, but to understand one another’s plight and give hope to those who are broken.

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