3 Girls Raped, Molested At Bwitingi-Buea

By Ndjoumek Helene

Laura (not her real name) and her two friends are yet to recover from their worst nightmare, nearly two weeks after they were raped, molested and molested.

The three girls who were returning from a church programme, 8pm on Wednesday, July 20, fell victim to a cruel violation, one that took away the dignity they have fought hard to preserve.

They were beaten mercilessly and raped by three armed men near Bwitingi, Buea.

“We left church, we were actually six of us. So, I and the other three ladies were in front and the others were behind. Normally, we pass through that same road, but for unknown reasons, the others decided to go upward, and we took a bending corner,” recounted the 26-year-old “Laura”.

In this obscure road, they were met by three men who had completely contrary intentions. Armed with machetes and guns, their faces masked, the hoodlums jumped from the bush, molested them, and took them further into the bush, before forcing themselves onto the girls.

In the still night, the girls screamed for help in vain.

“At one point all three of us started speaking in tongues and quoting scriptures and all of that. Then one of them came – the one that was very aggressive – took his machete and tore my trouser from up to down and told me, since I did not want to put down my trouser, I am going to walk home naked.

“The leader was the one who raped me; then, the other two rapped the other two ladies. When the leader left, the other one came and also raped me and went and raped the other lady since they were three of them,” “Laura” narrated.

She told The Post that she had been a virgin prior to the rape and a medical examination she did at a hospital in Buea confirmed the assertion.

“He started apologising that he didn’t know that he is the one who took my virginity; that he is sorry that we are going to meet one day. He was just saying some kind of things; that I should forgive him from my heart.”

Not only did the hoodlums take away their pride and dignity, they also seized their phones, money and other valuables, leaving them naked and stranded at about 10.00pm that night.

The Post gathered that one of the victims was also hospitalised at the Buea Regional Hospital after the cruel act, and was later discharged.

The victims told The Post that they reported the issue to the police who are said to be investigating the case.

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